AIMEX’s Transformative Technology Pavilion will showcase exponential technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Data Utilisation, providing an interactive opportunity for CTO’s, COO’s, Heads of Technology, Engineers, Mining Managers and Supervisors to discover the technology that is being developed to address the growing needs of the industry. This new pavilion is where the mining industry can find solutions to evolve, adapt and improve operations.

The AIMEX Transformative Technology Pavilion will feature:

Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth is the Drive and Control Technology specialists within the global Bosch Network. Their purpose is to move industries to make our planet a better place. Being driven by this purpose, they focus on technologically superior products and solutions that will provide a sustainable future. Their capabilities include; Industrial, Mobile and Electric Hydraulics, Factory Automation solutions and a 24/7 servicing commitments.

Location: Stand TT04 & K129  

CR Powered by Epiroc

CR Powered by Epiroc are on a mission to revolutionize mining with data. They engineer advanced solutions to unlock productivity, enhance safety, and reduce carbon emissions. Their leading range of mining equipment and technology includes lips, GET, dragline buckets and rigging, wear parts, and digital solutions – from payload management to GET monitoring.

Location: F135, TT03

Fleet Space Technologies

Fleet Space Technologies is a leading Australian space company that is revolutionising mineral exploration through its groundbreaking ExoSphere technology. ExoSphere provides lightning fast, 3D mapping in days to pinpoint minerals and increase accuracy of drilling targets. Fleet's cutting-edge technology is helping the world transition to clean-air mobility technologies by creating a faster, more sustainable and less expensive route to finding critical mineral deposits. 

Stand: TT02


hiSky's unique value lies in their ability to offer cost-effective satellite communication solutions for mining companies. Unlike traditional satellite communication providers, hiSky's patented technology allows them to provide two-way communication with small, affordable terminals, making their services accessible to a wide range of mining operations. In addition, hiSky's solutions offer secure On-Site deployment of the hiSky360 NMS for clients who require a high standard of network privacy for commercial, operational, or regulatory needs.

Stand: TT07

Nippon Control System Corporation

Nippon Control System (NCS) offers a range of advanced systems to end-users in the construction industry and other sectors, leveraging our proprietary 3D analysis software. Their flagship product, GREEENxLIDAR, utilizes LIDAR point cloud data and employs SLAM and 3D profiling to analyze the surrounding environment in real-time. By visualizing differences from the design and tracking changes since the start of construction, GREEENxLIDAR enables construction workers to make real-time assessments of the project's progress and appropriateness, facilitating highly efficient construction operations.

Stand: TT05


Ensure your mining operations meet the highest standards of safety and compliance with SafetyIQ. Our proactive safety management platform is specifically configured to manage all elements of Work Health and Safety that are unique to the Mining Industry including safety processes for workers that travel or work alone, and comprehensive EHS Management for streamlined audits, inspections and hazard and incident reporting.

Stand: TT06

Viewport XR

If it's shiny, and it looks like it comes from the future - that’s the space Viewport XR plays in. Founded in 2015, when immersive tech was just a blip on the technology radar, Viewport XR is now one of the largest XR studios in Australia. They deliver custom training and simulation solutions to clients globally across a range of disruptive technology verticals, including VR, AR, XR CG, 4D, and the latest addition, AI. The future is closer every day. At Viewport the company mantra keeps us on track to deliver for tomorrow: "Most people dream of the future. We’re building it."

Stand: TT01