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24- 26 AUGUST 2021
Sydney Showground


New to AIMEX 2019 is the introduction of the AIMEX Mining Pavilion which will host leading mining companies as exhibitors at AIMEX. Companies such as Centennial Coal, Glencore, MACH Energy, Whitehaven Coal and Yancoal Australia see AIMEX as a great way to engage with the industry personnel, suppliers, drive recruitment activities and raise awareness of their initiatives. 

The AIMEX Mining Pavilion will feature:

Established in 1989, Centennial is a leading coal mining company based in NSW, supplying thermal coal to the domestic and export market. NSW can thank Centennial Coal for the electricity it uses with more than 40% of the State's coal-fired electricity being supplied from the coal mines that Centennial operate. Centennial employs over 1,600 employees across five operating coal mines in NSW. 

Centennial exhibited on stand N129 at 2019 AIMEX Mining Pavilion.

Glencore Australia is one of Australia's largest mining companies operating in the country for over 20 years. Glencore has grown to become a leading commodity producer and provider operating 25 mines across New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia as well as the Northern Territory. Glencore is also a major Australian employer with approximately 16,300 employees working across various commodities including coal, copper, nickel and many more. 

Glencore Australia exhibited on stand P128 at the 2019 AIMEX Mining Pavilion. 

MACH Energy develops and operates economical and efficient energy resources primarily for the international market. They are responsible for operating the Mount Pleasant thermal coal project in the Hunter Valley region of NSW which contains some of the most attractive coal resources in the area. MACH Energy assists in facilitating the transition to a low emissions economy by supplying their high quality coal to some of the world's most advanced and highly efficient power plants. 

MACH Energy exhibited on stand N133 at the 2019 AIMEX Mining Pavilion.

Whitehaven Coal is Australia's largest independent coal producer and the leading coal producer in North West NSW. The company operates a total of six mines in the Gunnedah Basin, producing a combination of thermal and metallurgical coal primarily exported to markets in North and South Asia. Whitehaven Coal has a workforce that is 2,000 strong, with 75% living in the local communities around where its operations are based. 

Whitehaven Coal exhibited on stand P132 at the 2019 AIMEX Mining Pavilion.

Yancoal is Australia's largest pure-play coal producer operating five mines and managing five others across New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. Yancoal Australia is a significant employer within the mining sector with a current workforce of more than 3,000 people across its operations. Yancoal Australia sources the majority of its employees and contractors from the local communities in which it operates. 

Yancoal Australia exhibited on stand N135 at the 2019 AIMEX Mining Pavilion.