AIMEX Webinar Series

AIMEX Webinar Series

Assistance available to METS businesses through the Entrepreneurs Programme

The Entrepreneurs' Programme delivers services and funding that enable high potential small and medium enterprises to grow, innovate and commercialise nationally and globally.  Melissa Anderson from AusIndustry will outline how the Entrepreneurs’ Programme helps businesses to access the advice and support they need to improve their competitiveness, productivity and to maximise their growth potential.

Presenter: Melissa Anderson | Director, Entrepreneurs’ Programme, AusIndustry

Augmented reality and enabling technologies of the mining 4.0 revolution

AR, like VR and others, is a new machine-human interface. How are machines and humans going to interact in the future? Industry 4.0 enabling technologies like augmentation of reality and augmentation of intelligence driven by big data and analytical simulation have enormous potential to the industry as they can make knowledge to allow people to solve issues in a safe and efficient way. This session will explore Industry 4.0 enablers and AR in the industry and its future in providing safety and efficiency in the mining industry.

Presenter: Nicolás Jubera | CEO of TiMining SPA

How to extend the life of Industrial pumps - repair, rebuild and reclaim

Pumps are a critical component of any mining and manufacturing operation. When pumps are not running efficiently, the plant is not running efficiently. This webinar prepared by the LOCTITE team at Henkel Australia will discuss the most common causes of pump failure in industrial applications and application solutions that specifically address these problems. Their goal is to provide you with a best practice guideline on how businesses can improve the proficiency and life cycle of their pumps thought the effective use of appropriate product solutions.

Presenter: Mark Casotti | State Manager WA of Henkel Australia

The Five Most Powerful Data Science Techniques to Unleash Value in Your Resource Project (And it’s not all about Machine Learning!)

We’ve heard it all before, to get value from your resource project you need Machine Learning. 

Whilst Machine Learning has an important role to play, there is much more that can be used to gain full value from data across the lifecycle of a resource project. Whether this is managing multiple ever-changing scenarios at feasibility stage, single silo /cross silo process control optimisation, short interval control optimisation or techno economic modelling linking market supply to operational demands; this webinar will provide context and insights. It will explore what is possible and also provide an introduction to the most powerful and relevant data science techniques required to solve each of these challenges.

The thought-leaders will also discuss the secret sauce, without which many data science projects unfortunately will deliver underwhelming outcomes. 

The webinar will be presented by world class experts in their respective fields and know from experience what actually works.

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Technology systems that guide operators to higher productivity and efficiency

In this episode you will learn details on scalable technology systems that can assist machine operators while helping mine operators develop capabilities to support semi-autonomous dozer and drill systems.

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How to eliminate fasteners loosening and prevent failure

How important are equipment safety and reliability to you and your business? Unplanned downtime increases maintenance costs and reduces efficiency. Join this live webinar with the LOCTITE experts to explore why fasteners fail,  the impact of fastener loosening, the differences between each threadlocker and how to improve overall plant safety and reliability. As we transition back to the New Normal, we want to make sure your equipment is ready as much as you are!

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Hastings Deering Caterpillar – Asset Performance Management

Hastings Deering Caterpillar has developed Asset Performance Management (APM) which is an online platform which is designed to highlight productivity opportunities in mining applications, particularly in truck and shovel circuits.

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Social responsibility and the mining industry, the need for change but how …

Introducing the concept of “Using the transformative power of businesses and collective action to create sustainable value and social support”

On August 19, 2019, the Business Roundtable (BRT), a lobbying group composed of leading CEOs in the US, released an updated Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation. This statement expresses a fundamental commitment to all stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders, differing from a long-standing view that shareholder profit is the sole purpose of corporations.

This initiative represents a flicker of emerging change in a landscape historically focused on shareholder value first and foremost to a new paradigm of Collective purpose-based stakeholder engagement. Whilst the members of the Business Roundtable are represented by a great variety of companies no major mining company seems to be participating at least at this point. 

The complexity of “stakeholder engagement” for mining companies is exponentially more complex than traditional companies and whilst the principles of these new emerging business models are consistent, the specific application of these principles to varying regions is not; particularly when considering jurisdictional demographics, societal needs and regulatory / economic maturity variations such as Australia, Chile, Papua New Guinea or Ecuador as just some examples.

Hastings Deering Caterpillar – Mining safety systems used for fatigue management and collision avoidance

Hastings Deering will talk about the benefits of technology systems to increase operator awareness, prevent fatigue incidents and enhance safety at mining operations at sites with limited network capabilities.

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Breaking New Ground: Mackay Resources Centre of Excellence

The RCOE is the only one of its kind in Australia and will act as a catalyst for future investment into the region. The facility boasts an underground mining simulated training facility providing an ‘as close to real conditions’ underground mining experience for industry training and research purposes. The RCOE will align and augment resource related training and research facilities and services across the private and public sectors. The RCOE will act as a specialist skill, testing and training facility, which will incorporate research and testing laboratories. This Centre of Excellence will ensure that the Mackay region remains one of the world’s best sources for mining expertise and innovation in the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.