AIMEX Webinar Series

Mining Safety Systems used for fatigue management and collision avoidance

Hastings Deering sell, rent, and offer outstanding support and parts distribution services for customers across a range of industries, including mining, general construction, civil transport and commercial construction, power systems, government, primary industries and marine. They are returning for another episode in the AIMEX Webinar Series. In this session, they will talk about the benefits of technology systems to increase operator awareness, prevent fatigue incidents and enhance safety at mining operations at sites with limited network capabilities.

WHEN: 2 September 2020, 12:00pm AEST

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Peter Heffernan has over 38 years of mining industry experience. He has worked in a variety of roles ranging from heavy equipment operator through to FMS Dispatcher and Production Supervisor. Currently a mining technology specialist with Hastings Deering, Peter has deployed more than 500 fatigue management systems throughout the QLD, NT and PNG regions across 11 mine sites. Peter has firsthand knowledge of how the Cat MineStar Proximity Awareness system can be used in conjunction with fatigue monitoring systems to enhance operator awareness and reduce the risk of collisions.